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Sprague offers new OEM replacement DLT heads,
as well as DLT head repair and other services:

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SPRAGUE offers NEW, original OEM DLT heads for the 2000, 2000XT, 4000, 7000, and 8000 drives. As part of a larger module, new SDLT head assemblies are also available.

Note that there is a difference between the 7000 and the 8000 head assemblies - don't mix the two... and don't put questionable heads in your DLT drives. If you do, you are risking your data. Use only OEM qualified heads.

Demand is so high on all of these units that supply is sometimes limited. Call or email us TODAY for price and availability...

Phone: (800) 553-8712 (outside of California) or (818) 364-1800 (inside California).
Email: smicomp@sprague-magnetics.com

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DLT Head Repair Services

Check out the unmatched quality of Sprague's DLT head refurbishment services. Through December, 2002, Sprague has successfully refurbished over 6,500 DLT heads. No other company can even begin to match that expertise on these units.

All repaired heads carry a full six month warranty, and all are fully tested for backward compatibility, thereby insuring proper function of the heads to full OEM specifications.

This high quality gate does mean that we will scrap some heads that other companies claim are good, but with a Sprague repaired head you can be confident that the head meets or exceeds all OEM functional specifications, and that there is substantial head life remaining for the assembly.

Average turnaround for head repair is 5 to 7 working days from our receipt of the product. Yields for the 2000 and 2000XT heads varies, but we average an overall 68% yield, which means that 2 out of every 3 heads we receive for repair are in fact repaired. NOTE: if the head will not last at least 6 months with normal usage, that head will be treated as non-repairable even if it is working. Some of our competition will return these as good working heads, claiming a higher yield as a result. We will not lower our quality standards to increase such yields.

Do you really want to trust your DLT data tapes or the mission critical data they contain to inferior quality heads? Remember, Sprague, because quality counts.

Drive ModelQty 10-25Drive ModelQty 10-25
TK85/86$125.00 DLT 8000$175.00
TZ87N$95.00 TZ87$85.00
DLT 2000$85.00 DLT 2000XT$95.00
DLT 4000$95.00 DLT 7000$175.00

Call or email for quantity discounts, or for special test requirements such as 50/70 Certification.

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Other available DLT Related Services

SPRAGUE offers complete DLT drive repairs:

Drive ModelPart Number seriesPricing

We also repair all of the Loaders and Libraries which use DLT drives. Call for a price quote.

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